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Located in Townsend, Delaware

Phone: 302-464-0561

Busted Ride?

Don't ship her off to the graveyard just yet!  Sometimes a bike needs that lil extra lovin'to get it just right.  From your buddy dropping it in the parking lot, to an old sprocket slipping like a deer on ice, we got ya covered. Try a repair but you're stuck halfway through and just cant figure out where to go next? Trust us, we've been there. Give us a shout, we can knock it out or at least give you some pointers if you come have a beer with us.  Before too long you'll be dreaming of hammering the back road twisties again knowing your bike will be able to keep up with whatever you throw at it, you beast!


Did you know that if you print this out and bring it in during your next maintenance request, it's worth $50 off?!?! Gnarly, huh..
  • Fiberglass Repair
  • Custom Fiberglass and Metal Fabrication
  • Tires
  • Leaky Gaskets
  • Wheel and Steering Bearings
  • Swingarm Bearings
  • Electrical System Replacement
  • Charging System Replacement
  • Fuel System Leaks
  • Timing Issues
  • Spoked Wheel Truing
  • Broken Chains/Sprocket Repair
  • Exhaust Smoke
  • Lighting Issues
  • Air Intake Malfunctions
  • Anything else ya got...