*the term "immediate" is funny. Sometimes we are not the best at responding to texts within five minutes, so if we don't answer within an hour or two, just start blowing our phone up. Pics of chipmunks, lyrics to Innagadadavida...whatever comes to mind! Don't be shy - we want to help, but shops get loud and we don't always hear the calls right away.

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Hey man! You made it this far, so go ahead and fill out the form thinger right here ----> and lets be friends! We'd love the chance to talk about whatever you have stewing around in your head....repairs, some tricked out custom schtuff, help with your homework ...whatever! If you need an immediate response* just call or text us at 302-464-0561.  If you haven't already, give us a "like" on Facebook for specials, a load of bike related pics and just overall awesomeness!

Located in Townsend, Delaware

Phone: 302-464-0561