Pics and words from travels and other places.

Lookin' for the low down on Legion, huh?  Well, here it is! Legion was born out of a love for anything on two wheels.  From totally stock to that.....


Located in Townsend, Delaware

Phone: 302.562.0272

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Got something that needs a little more than a band aid to fix? Bring it in. We'll get your bike back to good in no time.

Staying on top of maintenance is a priority when it comes to making your ride last. From fluids to valve adjustments, lets keep you rollin!



We offer honest and reliable motorcycle repair, and we'd like to think we do it right. But, don’t just take our word for it--read what customers think of us!


We treat every bike like its our own dream mo'chine, and try our best to make sure your baby is right at home while getting work done.


Built not bought!


Custom bikes built by you, with your words telling the story.

We're huge fans of the "Built Not Bought" motto. We offer custom fabrication and even full blown builds! Working on your own build and need parts? We've got that too.

wrench crankin'

Our brand new hoodies are now available in our store. Check it out!

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